Config (config.syml)

The main configuration file of your SCP:SL - Server
This file contains all configs for Synapse and Plugin you may install. You can easily change the values by editing the file.
If a configuration is present in the server specific server-[Port] folder, the config in the shared folder will be ignored since server specific folders have a higher priority
Example Config:
databaseEnabled: true
databaseShared: true
logMessages: false
remoteKeyCard: true
joinBroadcast: ''
joinTextHint: ''
joinWindow: 'Welcome on my Awesome Server named <color=blue>Server</color>'
joinMessagesDuration: 5
- 16
- 17
- 5
nameTracking: true
requiredForFemur: 2
chaosScpEnd: true
scpTrigger173: false
scpTrigger096: false
better268: false
- 14
- 14
autoFF: true
language: GERMAN
The file will be created by Synapse on startup if not already present in ~/Synapse/configs/server-shared
When a new Config is added in a update it will not be auto generated by Synapse