Namespace: Synapse.Api.Items
This is an object which represents an Item (on the Map, in the Inventory, as grenade or not yet spawned)

Static Fields

  • None => The only SynapseItem with the ID -1
  • AllItems => All existing Items and their Serials


  • ID => The ItemId of the Item
  • ItemType => The Actually ItemType which is used
  • ItemCategory => The ItemCategory of the ItemType
  • TierFlags => The TierFlags of the Item
  • IsCustomItem => If the Item is an custom Item
  • Name => The Name of the Item
  • Serial => The Serial of this Item. Every Item has a own Serial ID that is only assigned to that Item
  • Weight => The Weight of the Item
  • State => The Current state of the Item
  • ItemHolder => The Player which holds the Item currently in his Inventory (is null if nobody has it)
  • Durabillity => The durabillity of the Item
  • Scale => The Scale of the item
  • Position => The Position of the Item (when a Player holds it it is obviously the Player Position as well)
  • Rotation => The rotation of the Item
  • ItemGameObject => The Gameobject of the Item
  • ItemBase => The ItemBase object of the Item when it is in an Inventory
  • ItemnPickupBase => The PickupBase of the Item when it is on the map
  • ItemData => A Dictionary to store Data inside of an Item
  • WeaponAttachments => The attachments of the item when it is a weapon

Item API

Since there are many diffent types of items with individual code there are some API objects to interact with they special features


You can access it with SynapseItem.Throwable
  • FuseTime => The Time until the Item explodes
  • ThrowableItem => The gameobject component for Thrownprojecties
  • Fuse() => Activates the grenade when it is currently on the Map
  • DestroyProjectile() => Destroys the Item and therefore let it explodes (It is recommended to destroy the object afterwards)


  • PickUp(Player) => Gives the Player this Item
  • Drop(Vector3) => Drops it at the Position
  • Drop() => Drops the Item by the ItemHolder(if it has no ItemHolder at the Position stored in Position)
  • Despawn() => Despawns the Item (you can Spawn it again with Drop())
  • DespawnItemBase() => Despawns the ItemBase of the Item
  • DespawnPickup() => Despawns the Pickup of the Item
  • Destroy() => Destroys the Item and remove it from the Map entire.

How to spawn a new SynapseItem?

It's really easy to create SynapseItem by using it's constructor
new SynapseItem(ItemType.Coin)
//or you can use the Id of the Coin which would be 35
new SynapseItem(35)
If you want to drop the Item on the map, you may use the one of these methods.
Vector 3 pos = ...; //Some Position of course ... would throw a Error
//Method 1
var item = new SynapseItem(ItemType.Coin, pos);
//Method 2
var item = new SynapseItem(ItemType.Coin);
//Methode 3
var item = new SynapseItem(ItemType.Coin);
item.Position = pos;
If you want to give the item a player, you may use one of these methods.
Player player = ...; // Some player of course ... would throw a Error
//Method 1
new SynapseItem(ItemType.Coin, player);
var item = new SynapseItem(ItemType.Coin);
var item = new SynapseItem(ItemType.Coin);

How to create a Custom Item?

In order to create a Custom Item you have to register it first.
You can do this through the ItemManager which you can get with SynapseController.Server.ItemManager or Server.Get.ItemManager.
Create a CustomItemInformations object (Namespace: Synapse.Api.Items) and use the method RegisterCustomItem() in the ItemManager with this.
using Synapse.Api;
using Synapse.Api.Plugin;
namespace FirstPlugin
Name = "FirstPlugin",
Author = "Dimenzio",
Description = "My First Awesome Plugin",
LoadPriority = int.MinValue,
SynapseMajor = 2,
SynapseMinor = 6,
SynapsePatch = 1,
Version = "v.1.0.0"
public class PluginClass : AbstractPlugin
public override void Load()
var info = new Synapse.Api.Items.CustomItemInformations()
BasedItemType = ItemType.GunUSP, //The ItemType which is it based on (implementing new models is not possible)
ID = 100, //You can take all Values for the ID except for the ones which is already used by the vanilla Items (0-35)
Name = "CustomWeapon" //The Name for your Item
After this you can simply create the item with new SynapseItem(100). If you want to find out if a SynapseItem is your new Item you can check it with item.ID.
Note: It's recommended to register the Item in your Load() Method of your PluginClass so that its early registered